We will be taking communion during our online First Wednesday service. For many families, this can be an amazing time to take a moment and talk about the division between Christians and not-yet Christians.  I use that “not-yet” term, especially with kids, because I believe every person I meet is redeemable, wanted and loved. God loves/loved “the whole world,”* including your kids! I know our shared desire is to help our kids be included, especially in spiritual things, as we seek to help our kids grow. Taking communion in your home is a safe and nurturing time for them to watch you take communion and see it modeled without the trouble of having to distract them and keep them quiet in a large room around others.  Now if your kid is one of those who can be led to entertain themselves in another room, that might be the best option. 

Simple Steps to make this experience work

Lower Preschoolers

Have a snack available for them as you take communion so that the physical does not confuse them. Goldfish and water always works.

Upper Preschoolers

Having a snack may help them not to feel left out, but resist the temptation to give them the snack or drink using the same actions and process you are modeling as you take communion. Though it might sound as cute as them “mowing the grass with their mower as someone is mowing the lawn,” communion is a private moment for you as a believer to realign with God. Let your child see your calm reverence to the actions being taken.

Not-yet Christians, Graded

 Have them spend time drawing or journaling, asking God for usual things such as provision for the sick, needs, hurt, and lonely. Let them know that you are going to be spending time with God for a few moments, and ask them to respect your time so that you can fully engage in this spiritual/emotional moment. Following the service, take the time to pray with your child and answer any questions.

Christians, Graded

Talk through the lesson below beforehand to remind them of the act. Talk about the seriousness of the moment and possibly the importance to you. It’s a time to mark a shared spiritual action. Modeling for your children is so important but engaging in communion with God for your own spiritual walk will not only model best, it will make you a better parent.

Below you will find a link that includes a video explaining what communion is and sharing the simple facts. The video even has a family lesson that you could complete before the service. Both of these resources come from our friends and partners at This resource is a great place to find parenting help and even fun lessons to supplement our weekly content.